Meet John Curtis.

John Curtis’s experience, curiosity and advanced communication skills have established him as a thought leader and expert in Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Coaching.

On this site, John explores the principles and practice of Mediation, Negotiation, and Conflict Coaching. Here, you will learn about these forms of conflict resolution and how they apply to your workplace, your conflicts, and your life, from one of Ontario’s leading experts.

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  • 159301709 A Way of Being in the World – Theory, Strategy and Practice
    by John Curtis - August 12, 2013
    Theories and the strategies inspired by them for managing conflict are great starting points, but the real magic flows from attitude. My sister and brother-in-law recently wrote a book together. Its called: THE STOP – How The Fight For Good Food Transformed A Community And Inspired A Movement. (to learn more visit:
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  • john-curtis-4-questions-to-ask-when-choosing-a-conflict-coach 4 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Conflict Coach
    by John Curtis - November 6, 2012
      There are different styles of conflict coaches and different styles of conflict coaching. When choosing a conflict coach, you have to be sure their style and approach melds with your needs. The thing about finding a conflict coach is that you cannot be sure it’s the right fit until you give someone a try. […]
  • 477011463 Is Loss Aversion Keeping You From Realizing Gains in Negotiations?
    by John Curtis - February 24, 2015
    While a fallen hero, Lance Armstrong perfectly describes the theory of loss aversion: “I like to win, but more than anything, I can’t stand this idea of losing.” The pleasure we derive from winning is not as great as the pain we feel from losing, so we act to minimize and avoid loss. This can […]

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