Meet John Curtis.

John Curtis’s experience, curiosity and advanced communication skills have established him as a thought leader and expert in Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Coaching.

On this site, John explores the principles and practice of Mediation, Negotiation, and Conflict Coaching. Here, you will learn about these forms of conflict resolution and how they apply to your workplace, your conflicts, and your life, from one of Ontario’s leading experts.

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Welcome Larissa Donovan.

Larissa Donovan has joined John Curtis Workplace Investigation and Mediation as an associate lawyer, mediator, and investigator following her February 2022 call to the Ontario bar.

Larissa has already conducted and consulted on more than 30 investigations and dozens of mediations through her work with our team. During her articles, Larissa published with the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Institute of Canada and contributed to several blog posts.

Larissa is excited to continue working with John assisting clients in conflict management and workplace investigations.

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  • Workplace Investigations During a Pandemic: Three Things We Have Learned - Most of our work is with municipalities and various types of professional offices, so Zoom video conferences usually work well. But what happens when the complainants, respondents, and witnesses are public works staff or other non-office staff? Or when a party or witness does not have access to a suitable computer or highspeed internet connection? […]
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  • Duty to Investigate – “A Ticking Time Bomb” - Recently, I was retained to conduct two workplace harassment investigations related to employee complaints against senior management. Both investigations were initiated by complaints that were made to the Ministry of Labour well after the employee left the employer. This is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it should serve as wake-up call to any employers […]
  • Falling for the Anchoring Effect? How to Avoid This Negotiation Trap - The anchoring effect is a powerful psychological force in which we rely too heavily on the first information we receive. Even if we’re aware that we’re going to be influenced and biased by these anchors, it is incredibly difficult to discount them from our thought processes. In negotiations, this can put you at a serious […]

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