Meet John Curtis.

John Curtis’s experience, curiosity and advanced communication skills have established him as a thought leader and expert in Mediation, Negotiation and Conflict Coaching.

On this site, John explores the principles and practice of Mediation, Negotiation, and Conflict Coaching. Here, you will learn about these forms of conflict resolution and how they apply to your workplace, your conflicts, and your life, from one of Ontario’s leading experts.

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  • Is Conflict Often Caused by Perceived Unfairness? - You are sitting on a park bench and see someone find $10. Too bad you didn’t see it first! That person asks if you want to split the money. If they offer to split it 50-50, many of us would accept, or perhaps decline because “finders’ keepers.” What if the finder suggests you split the […]
  • Falling for the Anchoring Effect? How to Avoid This Negotiation Trap - The anchoring effect is a powerful psychological force in which we rely too heavily on the first information we receive. Even if we’re aware that we’re going to be influenced and biased by these anchors, it is incredibly difficult to discount them from our thought processes. In negotiations, this can put you at a serious […]

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